Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions

Programmatic ads helps advertiser to automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences, domains and geographic area.
A DSP stands for Demand Side Platform is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange via our programmatic strategies.
SSP is stands for Supply Side Platform. It allows web publishers and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media owners to manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue.
An ad exchange is a technology platform that facilitates the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks. Prices for the inventory are determined through bidding. The approach is technology-driven as opposed to the historical approach of negotiating price on media inventory.
The non-targeted ads are the ads that are not based on the user’s data or any non-filtered data, such as IP, geolocation or personal preferences. Due to the fact, that these ads are not individually suited to the user they may result in lesser revenue for the publisher.
GDPR standards extend to companies globally, meaning that every entity EU or non-EU-based must adhere to the standards in case they collect, store or process the personal data that belongs to the EU residents. In case you did not bid on any EU-based impressions through MomoAds demand side platform and did not make any transaction then you can ignore the personal data deletion or data access requests from MomoAds.
If you are not receiving the amount of traffic that you want, try increasing your Max-cost per click rate, as your bid rate might be too low and thus other buyers are bidding higher and winning the traffic and sometime geo-targeting is also matters.
Yes, We are also offering partnership to publishers and advertiser both.
We are offering robust reporting system allows you to pull high level to very detailed reports easily. You can get very detailed information about your campaign with respect date also.
Usually campaigns are approved in just 24 hours, even during the holidays and weekends!


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